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  • Welcome to Our New Website

    Insulators Local No. 22 would like to welcome everyone to our new website.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our us through our website. On our site you can learn a great deal about us such as:   

    • Officers of the Local   

    •  Our History    

    • Training Information including Advanced Courses offered   

    •  Apprenticeship Information including How to Join    

    • Organizing Information including Why You Should Join?    

    • News and Events  

    •  Agreement Information and Current Wage Rates    

    • Promotional Information such as Video and Commercials    

    • Key Government Information for Your Area    

    • Key Political Information on Upcoming Projects and Politicians   

    •  Helpful LinksContractor Information for Your Area And More!!! 

  • Honoree Ceremony and Bar B Que

    May 23, 2015

    Awards Ceremony at 3:00 PM

    Dinner Immediately After

    IBEW Local 66

    4345 Allen-Genoa Rd.

    Pasadena, TX 77504

  • The Election Season Is Upon Us!

    Sylvester Turner

    Candidate for Houston Mayor

    Endorsed By the Harris County AFL-CIO Council

    At a recent news conference Sylvester Turner shared his road to the future. Plane, coupling infastructure investment with job training,employment matching and small business assistance. 

    I urge all our member that are not registrd to vote please resgister to vote.

    I also ask that if you can block walk please consider block walking.

    We needyour help to elect city, state, county and school board members who are friends of labor.

    -Steve Miller

  • From the Desk of S. Miller

    "Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere,

    It's a result of something...

    hours, days, weeks and years of constant work and dedication."

                                                                                        -Roger Staubach